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At basilicom, we employ a fully automated setup for pimcore projects. The main purpose is to have local working development systems ready at the push of a button (read: the execution of a command line) - without any manual tasks to perform.

Every developer runs his own instance - we do not share systems during the development process.

If needed, it can provide an identical execution environment regardless of the OS the developer is using on his workstation. 

The following GitHub repository is a - stripped down version - of the base project we build upon; it my serve as an inspiration for your own projects:

Read on for a more detailed set of notes and info on the process.

Overview / Build Process

The build system is designed to work for these scenarios:

  • Development on a Local System (Ubuntu/Linux host, no virtualization) and/or
  • Development via a Virtual Machine “Virtualbox” (Ubuntu, OSX, Windows hosts)

Scenario: Local System

A developer uses a native Ubuntu 14.04 LTS System and wants work on the project.


  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • PHP development environment with Phing


  • execute `phing setup` in the `/build` directory


  • See below (“Phing Project Setup”) for a detailed description of the process

Scenario: Virtual Machine

A developer uses a Windows or OSX workstation and wants work on the project. This setup is recommended for Linux users, too, as it provides the most stable environment.


  • Installed VirtualBox on host (developer machine)
  • Installed Vagrant on host (developer machine)


  • execute `vagrant up` in the `/build` directory


This setup uses three distinct consecutive steps:

  1. Setting up a virtual machine and configuring the hardware - See below “Vagrant VirtualBox Setup” for a detailed description of the vagrant process
  2. Installing and configuring the OS and the software - See below “Ansible Software Setup” for a detailed description of the ansible process
  3. Installing the project - See below “Phing Project Setup” for a detailed description of the phing process

Vagrant VirtualBox Setup

  • Vagrant version 1.4.3 with Virtualbox 4.3.14 is known to work
  • `build/Vagrantfile` contains the description of the virtual hardware
  • Default base image is a vanilla Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS 64bit
  • NAT access via Portmapping: 8080(host) to 80(guest)
  • Dedicated Host-Only access via private net, Fixed IP address of guest is ``, host has ``
  • Project directory is mounted on /var/www/sites/project, executable flag is not set (which means that for example `./run_task.php` will not work, use `php -f ./run_task.php` instead)!
  • OS/Software setup (aka “provisioning”) is done by `build/ansible/` - this script installs the ansible software on the guest an then runs the ansible setup - see below for Ansible Software Setup
  • Please note, the following notices and messages (allthough they appear in red or yellow) are not relevant and can be ignored:
  • `dpkg-preconfigure: unable to re-open stdin: No such file or directory`
  • `stdin: is not a tty`

Ansible Software Setup

Ansible is a system for configuring machines: Software packages, config file, etc. It uses “inventories” which contain lists of hosts to operate on and “playbooks”which list “tasks” to perform. “tasks” in “playbooks” are usually grouped in “roles”. Inventories can contain specific configuration settings (variables).

Our system uses two different inventory files:

  • `inventory-local`
  • `inventory-vagrant`

And a set of playbooks:

  • `system.yml` - Installs the software packages (apache, php ..) and configures the OS. For production systems, shell access via SSH keys / www-data user is configured, too. Change `build/ansible/roles/shell-access/templates/authorized_keys.j2` to configure who has access to this project.
  • `project.yml` - Clones the Git project repository (only for production systems) and then installs the project via `phing setup`
  • `site.yml` - this book just includes `system.yml` and `project.yml` running them both. Usage: Setting up a vagrant machine.


  • a statically compiled version of ffmpeg is downloaded from our Amazon AWS S3 account
  • Ansible version 1.6.8 is known to work

Phing Project Setup

Phing is able do a set of actions groups in the form of targets. Its description file is `build/build.xml`. Run phing by changing/cd'ing to `build` and run `phing TARGET`. Example: `phing setup` (Installs the project). A Target is made up out of tasks which perform different action - have a look at the file and the Phing documentation.

Our build file uses a set of configuration variables (called `properties` in Phing):

  • Default settings are directly set at the top in the `build.xml` file
  • System (machine) wide settings in `/etc/` - here, things like the mysql root password can be configured
  • Project specific defaults `build/`
  • `/var/build/` for local overrides - this file is a copy of `build/` - create it manually prior to calling `phing setup` in order to override things for a specific install

The default project setup target (invoked via `phing setup`) performs the
following actions:

  • Creating a mysql database (if it does not exists, yet)
  • Integrating pimcore by:
  • Downloading a (the latest, see property `pimcore.downloadUrl`)
  • Unpacking the ZIP in `var/build/tmp`
  • “merging” the Pimcore files from `var/build/tmp` into the `htdocs` directory via rsync - ommitting all already existing files (such as `htdocs/website/controllers/DefaultController.php`)
  • removing the unpacked pimcore files
  • Installing pimcore via the `build/bin/pimcore_install.php` script (basically the same process as using the web bases installer). Default admin password is “password”.
  • Creating a set of config files by copying `build/etc/samples/*` to `var/build/` and replace a set of tokens in the process
  • Adding an Apache VHOST config
  • Adding a crontab entry for the pimcore maintenance script


  • Phing version 2.5.0 is known to work

This is a log of a typical setup run:

$ vagrant up

    Bringing machine 'default' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
    [default] Importing base box 'trusty64'...
    [default] Matching MAC address for NAT networking...
    [default] Setting the name of the VM...
    [default] Clearing any previously set forwarded ports...
    [default] Clearing any previously set network interfaces...
    [default] Preparing network interfaces based on configuration...
    [default] Forwarding ports...
    [default] -- 22 => 2222 (adapter 1)
    [default] -- 80 => 8080 (adapter 1)
    [default] -- 3306 => 3307 (adapter 1)
    [default] Running 'pre-boot' VM customizations...
    [default] Booting VM...
    [default] Waiting for machine to boot. This may take a few minutes...
    [default] Machine booted and ready!
    [default] Setting hostname...
    [default] Configuring and enabling network interfaces...
    [default] Mounting shared folders...
    [default] -- /vagrant
    [default] -- /var/www/sites/project
    [default] Running provisioner: shell...
    [default] Running: /tmp/vagrant-shell20140929-10708-y06slw
    stdin: is not a tty
    PREPARING ANSIBLE - installing ansible on guest machine
    Updating apt cache
    Ign trusty InRelease
    Ign trusty-updates InRelease
    Hit trusty Release.gpg
    Get:1 trusty-updates Release.gpg [933 B]
    Ign trusty-security InRelease
    Hit trusty Release
    Get:2 trusty-updates Release [59.7 kB]
    Get:3 trusty-security Release.gpg [933 B]
    Get:4 trusty/main Sources [1,064 kB]
    Get:5 trusty-security Release [59.7 kB]
    Get:6 trusty/universe Sources [6,399 kB]
    Get:7 trusty-security/main Sources [45.3 kB]
    Get:8 trusty-security/universe Sources [10.8 kB]
    Get:9 trusty-security/main amd64 Packages [144 kB]
    Get:10 trusty-security/universe amd64 Packages [48.9 kB]
    Get:11 trusty-security/main Translation-en [70.2 kB]
    Get:12 trusty-security/universe Translation-en [28.6 kB]
    Hit trusty/main amd64 Packages
    Hit trusty/universe amd64 Packages
    Hit trusty/main Translation-en
    Hit trusty/universe Translation-en
    Get:13 trusty-updates/main Sources [121 kB]
    Get:14 trusty-updates/universe Sources [85.1 kB]
    Get:15 trusty-updates/main amd64 Packages [324 kB]
    Get:16 trusty-updates/universe amd64 Packages [205 kB]
    Get:17 trusty-updates/main Translation-en [146 kB]
    Get:18 trusty-updates/universe Translation-en [104 kB]
    Ign trusty/main Translation-en_US
    Ign trusty/universe Translation-en_US
    Fetched 8,917 kB in 4s (1,974 kB/s)
    Reading package lists...
    Installing Ansible, sshpass
    Reading package lists...
    Building dependency tree...
    Reading state information...
    The following extra packages will be installed:
      python-jinja2 python-markupsafe
    Suggested packages:
      ansible-doc python-jinja2-doc
    The following NEW packages will be installed:
      ansible python-jinja2 python-markupsafe sshpass
    0 upgraded, 4 newly installed, 0 to remove and 74 not upgraded.
    Need to get 604 kB of archives.
    After this operation, 3,903 kB of additional disk space will be used.
    Get:1 trusty/main python-markupsafe amd64 0.18-1build2 [14.3 kB]
    Get:2 trusty/main python-jinja2 all 2.7.2-2 [161 kB]
    Get:3 trusty/universe ansible all 1.5.4+dfsg-1 [418 kB]
    Get:4 trusty/universe sshpass amd64 1.05-1 [10.5 kB]
    dpkg-preconfigure: unable to re-open stdin: No such file or directory
    Fetched 604 kB in 1s (366 kB/s)
    Selecting previously unselected package python-markupsafe.
    (Reading database ... 60914 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to unpack .../python-markupsafe_0.18-1build2_amd64.deb ...
    Unpacking python-markupsafe (0.18-1build2) ...
    Selecting previously unselected package python-jinja2.
    Preparing to unpack .../python-jinja2_2.7.2-2_all.deb ...
    Unpacking python-jinja2 (2.7.2-2) ...
    Selecting previously unselected package ansible.
    Preparing to unpack .../ansible_1.5.4+dfsg-1_all.deb ...
    Unpacking ansible (1.5.4+dfsg-1) ...
    Selecting previously unselected package sshpass.
    Preparing to unpack .../sshpass_1.05-1_amd64.deb ...
    Unpacking sshpass (1.05-1) ...
    Processing triggers for man-db ( ...
    Setting up python-markupsafe (0.18-1build2) ...
    Setting up python-jinja2 (2.7.2-2) ...
    Setting up ansible (1.5.4+dfsg-1) ...
    Setting up sshpass (1.05-1) ...
    RUNNING ANSIBLE - configuring OS/software & executing 'phing setup'
    please be patient! (this task will finish in a couple of minutes)

    PLAY [Install OS + Project] ***************************************************

    GATHERING FACTS ***************************************************************
    ok: []

    PLAY [Install LAMP Stack with PHP 5.5 and MySQL] ******************************

    GATHERING FACTS ***************************************************************
    ok: []

    TASK: [upgrade | Running apt-get update] **************************************
    ok: []

    TASK: [upgrade | Running apt-get upgrade] *************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [common | Common software] **********************************************
    changed: [] => (item=python-software-properties,build-essential,curl,screen,vim,ntp,jpegoptim,pngcrush,git-core,ufw)

    TASK: [common | Set default locale] *******************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [apache | Install Apache] ***********************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [apache | Enable Apache2 rewrite module] ********************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [apache | Enable Apache2 unique_id module] ******************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [apache | Enable Apache2 expires module] ********************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [apache | Enable Apache2 headers module] ********************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [apache | Disable server signature] *************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [apache | Disable server tokens] ****************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [apache | Set a global ServerNameserver tokens] *************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [apache | Set max request workers to 20] ********************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [pagespeed | Download mod_pagespeed] ************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [pagespeed | Install mod_pagespeed] *************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [mysql | Install MySQL server] ******************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [mysql | Start MySQL Server] ********************************************
    ok: []

    TASK: [memcached | Memcached] *************************************************
    changed: [] => (item=memcached)

    TASK: [beanstalkd | Install beanstalkd] ***************************************
    changed: [] => (item=beanstalkd)

    TASK: [beanstalkd | beanstalk - listen only on localhost interface] ***********
    ok: []

    TASK: [beanstalkd | Enable beanstalkd] ****************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [mongodb | MongoDB] *****************************************************
    changed: [] => (item=mongodb)

    TASK: [php | Install PHP5] ****************************************************
    changed: [] => (item=php5-common,php5-mysqlnd,php5-xmlrpc,php5-mcrypt,php5-curl,php5-gd,php5-cli,php-pear,php5-dev,php5-imap,php5-imagick,php5-memcache,php5-mongo,libapache2-mod-php5)

    TASK: [php | Enable PHP5 opcode cache] ****************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php | Enable PHP5 mcrypt] **********************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php | Raise PHP memory Limit for Apache] *******************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php | Allow short open tags for Apache PHP] ****************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php | Allow short open tags for CLI PHP] *******************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php | Allow PCNTL for Apache PHP] **************************************
    ok: []

    TASK: [php | Allow PCNTL for CLI PHP] *****************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php | Allow writeable PHAR archives] ***********************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php | Do not expose Apache PHP] ****************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php | 8MB max upload size] *********************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php | 12MB max POST size] **********************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [composer | Add Composer PPA] *******************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [composer | Install Composer] *******************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [composer | Composer self update] ***************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [php-pear | Install the system PEAR package] ****************************
    ok: []

    TASK: [php-pear | Discover PEAR channels] *************************************
    changed: [] => (

    TASK: [php-pear | Install PEAR packages] **************************************
    changed: [] => (item=phing/phing)
    changed: [] => (item=HTTP_Request2)

    TASK: [vagrant | Set apache run user to vagrant in /etc/apache2/envvars] ******
    changed: []

    TASK: [vagrant | Configure system wide phing build properties] ****************
    changed: []

    TASK: [vagrant | Disable apache default site] *********************************
    changed: []

    NOTIFIED: [apache | restart apache2] ******************************************
    changed: []

    NOTIFIED: [beanstalkd | restart beanstalkd] ***********************************
    changed: []

    PLAY [Set up project] *********************************************************

    GATHERING FACTS ***************************************************************
    ok: []

    TASK: [pimcore | Pimcore setup] ***********************************************
    changed: []

    TASK: [pimcore | debug var=pimcoresetup.stdout_lines] *************************
    ok: [] => {
        "item": "",
        "pimcoresetup.stdout_lines": [
            "Buildfile: /var/www/sites/project/build/build.xml",
            " [property] Loading /var/www/sites/project/build/",
            " [property] Loading /etc/",
            "project > setup:",
            "     [echo] ==========================================================",
            "     [echo] PHING PROJECT SETUP - installing on: vagrant ",
            "     [echo] ----------------------------------------------------------",
            "[phingcall] Calling Buildfile '/var/www/sites/project/build/build.xml' with target 'dbcreate'",
            " [property] Loading /var/www/sites/project/build/",
            " [property] Loading /etc/",
            "project > dbcreate:",
            "     [echo] Creating Database / Access - [dbcreate]",
            "[pdosqlexec] Executing commands",
            "[pdosqlexec] 5 of 5 SQL statements executed successfully",
            "[pdosqlexec] Executing commands",
            "[pdosqlexec] test_message",
            "[pdosqlexec] SUCCESS",
            "[pdosqlexec] 1 of 1 SQL statements executed successfully",
            "[phingcall] Calling Buildfile '/var/www/sites/project/build/build.xml' with target 'pimcoremerge'",
            " [property] Loading /var/www/sites/project/build/",
            " [property] Loading /etc/",
            "project > pimcoremerge:",
            "     [echo] Download and unpack pimcore distribution - [pimcoremerge]",
            "  [httpget] Fetching",
            "  [httpget] Contents from saved to var/build/",
            "    [mkdir] Created dir: /var/www/sites/project/var/build/pimcore-distribution",
            "    [unzip] Extracting zip: /var/www/sites/project/var/build/ to /var/www/sites/project/var/build/pimcore-distribution",
            "   [delete] Deleting directory /var/www/sites/project/var/build/pimcore-distribution",
            "[phingcall] Calling Buildfile '/var/www/sites/project/build/build.xml' with target 'pimcoreinstall'",
            " [property] Loading /var/www/sites/project/build/",
            " [property] Loading /etc/",
            "project > pimcoreinstall:",
            "     [echo] Installing Pimcore - [pimcoreinstall]",
            "     [exec] PIMCORE INSTALL SUCCESSFUL",
            "[phingcall] Calling Buildfile '/var/www/sites/project/build/build.xml' with target 'configcreate'",
            " [property] Loading /var/www/sites/project/build/",
            " [property] Loading /etc/",
            "project > configcreate:",
            "     [echo] Creating set of configs in var/build - [configcreate]",
            "     [copy] Copying 3 files to /var/www/sites/project/var/build",
            "     [copy] Copying 1 file to /var/www/sites/project/htdocs/website/var/config",
            "    [chmod] Total files changed to 666: 1",
            "    [chmod] Total directories changed to 666: 0",
            "[phingcall] Calling Buildfile '/var/www/sites/project/build/build.xml' with target 'apacheconfig'",
            " [property] Loading /var/www/sites/project/build/",
            " [property] Loading /etc/",
            "project > apacheconfig:",
            "     [echo] Configure Apache - [apacheconfig]",
            "     [exec] Enabling site pimcore.",
            "     [exec] To activate the new configuration, you need to run:",
            "     [exec]   service apache2 reload",
            "[phingcall] Calling Buildfile '/var/www/sites/project/build/build.xml' with target 'apacherestart'",
            " [property] Loading /var/www/sites/project/build/",
            " [property] Loading /etc/",
            "project > apacherestart:",
            "     [exec]  * Restarting web server apache2",
            "     [exec]    ...done.",
            "[phingcall] Calling Buildfile '/var/www/sites/project/build/build.xml' with target 'installcron'",
            " [property] Loading /var/www/sites/project/build/",
            " [property] Loading /etc/",
            "project > installcron:",
            "     [echo] Installing pimcore maintenance cron job - [installcron]",
            "BUILD FINISHED",
            "Total time: 2 minutes  25.30 seconds"

    TASK: [pimcore | Disable Apache default site] *********************************
    ok: []

    PLAY RECAP ********************************************************************              : ok=51   changed=41   unreachable=0    failed=0

Voila, the newly created pimcore site is available at:

Did you spot any errors or do you have suggestions for improving the process?

Please let me know what you think of this setup and contact me via:

Christoph Lühr
CTO bei Basilicom