Events 03.11.2015 - 16:00 Uhr

Pimcore unconference 2015

There was finally a chance to meet the faces behind the excellent Pimcore system. Not only was it great that we’ve got to meet the creators of the system, we also met the Pimcore integrators from all over the world and had some nice chats about the future of the system.

The first Pimcore unconference took place at Pimcore headquarters in Salzburg Austria, from 16. to 18. October.
Basilicom was one of only 15 companies invited to the event and we returned to Berlin with our brand new Silver partner certificate of which we are of course very proud.

There were some exciting announcements made which will for sure change the landscape of Pimcore ecosystem in the future. 

Pimcore 4

Pimcore 4 finally brings the new Ext.js 6 into the game. This means more future-proof and steady UI framework. We hopefully also get full compatibility with bigger touch devices in the near future. The support for Ext.js 3.4 will be dropped with version 5 so there is some time to prepare extensions for Ext.js 6. 

On top of that there are also the new Classification store, Quantity value and Calculated value fields. 
Pimcore 4 is currently in beta and is planned to be released in the beginning of 2016.

E-commerce framework

The most excitement was caused by the announcement of the new e-commerce framework which will be free for all Pimcore partners and their clients. The e-commerce framework allows for the same flexibility in development of e-commerce solutions as we are already used to from Pimcore. It certainly perfectly fills the current hole regarding the e-commerce compared to other content management systems. 

Web-To-Print framework

Web-To-Print framework - create print-ready PDFs directly from the Pimcore and just send it to the printing company to print. This functionality will be added to the Open-Source version of the Pimcore in the beginning of the next year. Based on the needs, Pimcore offers two renderers: open-source wkhtmltopdf and Enterprise solution PdfReactor (separate license fee)


Pimcore guys are very generous for sharing Pimcore with us. On top of that they are now open sourcing the Web-To-Print framework and providing Pimcore partners with E-commerce framework. This shows that they want to build up the community. It seems right to give back to the Pimcore and its community by giving support to other Pimcore partners and users and by sharing our extensions. Basilicom has done all of that in the past and we are planning to share a lot more extensions and be even more active in the community.


All in all a really great event with very nice people sharing their experiences and knowledge. Also kudos to Pimcore guys for great organization and very tasty food with great beer on top of that. Pimcore’s future looks really exciting!

Igor Benko
Software Engineer bei Basilicom